From designing your newsletters and Eflyers to managing your email campaigns but also to anticipate your customer's interests for highly targeted content, our tools help you maintain a lasting relationship with your customers and maximize your marketing ROI.


Predictive Marketing Engine

With this revolutionary tool each eflyer and Newsletter you send adapts to your subscriber's profiles and evolves with them. It integrates predictive analytics to your E-mail campaigns and generates the best content for each individual by anticipating his needs using predictive models.


eFlyerMaker is a unique and powerful console for managing online marketing activities and delivering exceptional email campaigns with ease.

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The Predictive Marketing Engine has been designed with one objective in mind, to help you better understand your customers and anticipate their needs. It reinvents Email marketing by following them all along their lifecycle, by predicting their future actions and by generating the best content for each individual.


Anticipate user actions

By anticipating your subscriber's needs, the Predictive Marketing Engine brings you one step ahead of your competition, maximizes your customer lifetime value and prevents churn.

Individualized content

Beyond behavioural targeting, this tool gives a predictive dimension to your emails. The content generated for each subscriber takes into account his past, present and future actions based on the Predictive Marketing Engine's predictions.

Putting your data to work

Our algorithm collects nominal and behavioural data (clicks, weblogs, POS, CRM) for each customer and generates a score determined by predictive models. Each action taken by the customer has an effect on his score and modifies his offers.

Designed with simplicity in mind, eFlyerMaker is the perfect tool to easily manage your online marketing activities. This web based solution allows marketers to handle every step of an email marketing campaign and to manage their website content in real time without technical knowledge.

A comprehensive solution

Website content management
Email campaign management
Email blast module with fast distribution
Integrates with other data sources

Easy integration

Uses all sources of data
CRM database compatible

An ideal solution for :

Online contests
Sample offers
Demo invites
Geographically-dispersed sales teams