Intema has been simplifying and optimizing the online marketing activities of medium and large companies through innovating technologies and cutting edge expertise for over 20 years.

A Canadian leader in permission-based email marketing, Intema provides a wide range of products and services including predictive marketing, search engine marketing as well as programming and integration.

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Email Marketing & SEO

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Predictive Marketing Engine

Intema provides a wide range of software products and services to optimize marketing activities including predictive marketing, behavioural email campaigns and search engine marketing.


Our innovative solutions were originally designed to help our team of marketing professionals enhance our marketing programs. Among these tools Intema offers the revolutionary Predicitve Marketing Engine as well as the powerful email marketing platform eFlyerMaker.

Tailored solutions

Buoyed by unique technologies combined with the talent of our team of experts, we implement marketing programs specifically developed according to the business models of our clients.

Cutting-edge Expertise

For more than 15 years, Intema's consultants have helped their clients build and execute roadmaps to go from their previous environments to state-of-the-art multi-channel marketing environments.